#Ironproject2019: A Group Of Uni Students Are Celebrating Graduation By Racing The IRONMAN For A Cause

Iron Project – How it all began

In 2019, a group of daring athletes from NTU, NUS and SIM came together and proposed a novel idea: Why not incorporate an IRONMAN triathlon into their graduation trip? The rest, as they say, is history. As the number of team athletes grew, so too did the vision for Iron Project.

Today, Iron Project has evolved into a platform that strives to bring together Singapore’s multisport athletes. The team aspires to foster connections between experienced and new athletes, allowing all to learn and train together. To this end, members of Iron Project continue to work tirelessly to expand beyond the once narrow scope of completing an IRONMAN. Regardless of ability nor discipline, Iron Project welcomes you to be a part of the team.


“To daringly seek out new challenges, blaze new paths and never forgetting to give back to those who made it all possible in the first place.” -Team Ironproject2019’s Philosophy 


Partnership with Cycling without Age Singapore

Iron Project understands that the blessings we enjoy today stem from the efforts of those who came before. As such, the team feels strongly towards contributing back to Singapore’s pioneer generation. Combining the team’s passion for cycling and desire to give back the community, Iron Project has partnered with Cycling without Age Singapore (CWA).


Photo: Cycling without age


As a charity organization, CWA offers trishaw rides for senior citizens – some of whom may experience limited mobility. CWA’s initiative brings together different generations of citizens by pairing youth volunteers with the elderly in an active setting. In doing so, the activities also provide opportunities for meaningful dialogues. Iron Project stands by CWA’s mission; the team firmly believes that age should not limit one’s ability to enjoy the outdoor breeze.


Charity Event for CWA (20th July 2019)

Photo: Ironproject2019


Despite our good intentions, it remains a challenge to raise funds for a cause. And so, on 20th July Iron Project took the initiative to organize a charity event to increase the public’s awareness of CWA. The event was supported by Running Lab Singapore and had a turnout of approximately 60 participants. Members of the public could choose between a 2km leisure walk or a 5km run, followed by an opportunity to catch the National Day Parade rehearsals happening in the area. During this event, participants interacted with members of Iron Project and CWA, learning about the athletes’ backgrounds as well as CWA’s mission. As a bonus, participants also had the opportunity to trial On running shoes and to experience what it is like to ‘Run On Clouds’. Through the support of all participants and organizers, $330 was successfully raised for CWA.

You can donate to our friends at Cycling without Age Singapore to also make a difference:

– For $250 you can keep their trishaws rolling as you sponsor the maintenance of two trishaws, ensuring the seniors’ rides are safe, as well as enjoyable.
– For $100 you can support the training of one volunteer pilot to ensure they can take seniors out for joy rides.
– For $50 you can bring a smile to our seniors as you sponsor a trishaw ride for two.
– For $25 you can bring a smile to our seniors as you sponsor a trishaw ride for one.
– For any amount, you can also make a difference!


100km Social Ride (21st July 2019)

With the growing interest in recreational and competitive sports, cycling is increasingly becoming popular among Singaporeans. Drawing from Iron Project’s passion for cycling, the team jointly organized a 100km social ride with the support of numerous sponsors. Through this event, Iron Project aimed to foster a more inclusive and receptive cycling community that brings together cyclists from all walks of life. Cycling, after all, is an activity that keeps us fit and healthy. Cycling produces endorphins – a healthy dose of bodily chemicals essential in mitigating the stresses of life. Everyone, regardless of age, would benefit from engaging in some form of physical activity, so why not cycling?


Photo: Ironproject2019


The 100km social ride also provided cyclists with an opportunity to learn about basic cycling etiquettes necessary for safely navigating Singapore roads. All cyclists, be it riding solo or in groups, must know basic cycling etiquettes. Adhering to the proper columns of cyclists relative to the number of road lanes is essential in ensuring a smooth traffic flow. In doing so, the risk of accidents is minimized. Knowledge of appropriate gestures is also crucial to point out road hazards or to indicate a change of direction when cycling.


Follow & Support Our Journey 

Although Iron Project is relatively new, the team is committed to growing the sports community in Singapore through participation in various events and athletic challenges. In 2019, IRONMAN Langkawi forms the centre that draws triathletes together. Next year, another exciting adventure will take its place, possibly bringing in a different crowd of athletes.

We invite you to be a part of this exciting journey together for the years to come.

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This article is written by Lester Tan and edited by Darren Lim. 

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