7 Best Christmas Gifts For The Mountain Biker

Christmas is round the corner, and if you are still unsure of what to buy for your mountain biking friends, here are 7 gifts from Specialized that you can surprise them with. 


1. Ambush Comp


Starting with protection, the Ambush Comp boasts a significant amount of extended coverage and a single density foam that’s been reinforced by a Composite Matrix. The reason behind this is that it manages the energy from impacts more effectively.

Even with the added protection, though, it fits comfortably with a low profile and fully integrated Mindset 360 fit system. And with its five height positions, this system provides unmatched adjustment, while an integrated dial allows for on-the-fly fine-tuning. Get this helmet at an affordable price of S$175. 


2. Air Tool Big Bore Pump

Designed for mountain bikes, the Air Tool Big Bore Pump packs massive volume-per-stroke, and it features a head that still works with gloves on. A Flexible hose attachment allows for aggressive pumping without fear of damaging valve stems. S$65 for a quality air pump, why not? 


3. Enduro Comp 3/4 Jersey


It’s made from high-end VaporRize™ fabric that’s light, airy, breathable, and incredible at wicking sweat away from the body. And for the eco-conscious among us, it also has the added benefit of being made from environmentally friendly recycled coffee and carbon yarns.

But more than just a feel good sentence to talk about over coffee (before you compost it), these features actually work to accelerate moisture management and odour neutralisation. Get this for only SGD $90.


4. Butcher GRID 2Bliss Ready

The latest generation of the World-Cup-proven intermediate tire, the Butcher GRID 2Bliss Ready, receives sawtooth faces on the tread blocks to increase stability under load and provide additional biting edges. This, in turn, improves rolling speed as well as control under hard braking and cornering.

Meanwhile, the proprietary GRIPTON® compound improves high frequency damping, attaching the tire to the ground better on both small bumps and rough sections. The low frequencies of the rolling tire deflections pass through unfiltered, leaving no energy absorbed and keeping speed high. GRID protection is for anyone seeking the utmost in flat and sidewall protection or additional stability. Get this for S$90.


5. 2FO Flat 2.0 Mountain Bike Shoes

Contrary to popular belief, pedal connection isn’t just about rubber—the rubber hardness, stickiness, lug pattern, midsole thickness, and density all contribute to this connection. The sole construction, informed by a pressure mapping study, led Specialized to use softer foam in the forefoot with firm-over-soft foam in the rear, giving incredible pin penetration, while also reducing the “standing on a marshmallow” feeling that causes foot cramps on long downhills.

Along with the new sole, Specialized has also implemented a toe bumper and a captured foam layer, providing protection from rocks and roots when the trail gets gnarly. You can get these for S$220.


6. Mountain Mid Socks

Mountain socks demand a bit more beef to repel dirt, rocks, roots and crashes than their road sock brothers. Specialized created this sock with more cushion underfoot to absorb shock and a ribbed knit upper to provide good compression around the ankle. A pair costs S$20. 


7. Enduro Gloves



Serious trail riders demand comfort, mobility, and protection, and the Enduro gloves deliver at a price of only S$50. The durable full-finger design found here features innovative technologies, like our pre-curved articulated fit, fully wrapped fingertips for added durability, and a perforated Clarino® palm that increases protection without detracting from bar-feel. 

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