5 Ways to make your water taste better and even more refreshing

Water is essential. Yet, there are still those who just can’t seem to drink enough of it – thanks to the boring taste of nothingness.  Now I know there are so many trendy new health drinks (that taste better than water), but when it comes to quenching your thirst and keeping yourself hydrated for your ride, nothing comes close to plain good-old water.

There are ways to make your next water taste better and more refreshing.

Without further ado, here are some simple ways to make water taste better: 



Another way to make water taste better is by using herbs. Spike your H2O using herbs or leaves like crushed basil or mint. Using herbs or leaves is a great way to punch up the flavour of plain water.

The water tastes like a mojito, just take out the alcohol and sugar out of the equation. Steep herbs in the water for the whole night, and don’t forget some lemon or lime juice in the morning to make it even better.


Cinnamon Stick

Cinnamon sticks do spice up your H2O, literally! Just simmer a piece of cinnamon stick in a cup of water, and use that water as a concentrated formula that you can mix with ice or cold water.

Not only does the cinnamon flavoured water tastes amazing, cinnamon has numerous health benefits that can help in lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels. 


Fruit Juice

Another way to make water taste good is by mixing a splash of fruit juice with it.

Just adding a little of 100 percent concentrated fruit juice into a glass of water can really add colour and flavour to water. You also don’t need to pile tons of sugar. A little goes a long way!


Flavoured Ice Cubes

Flavoured ice cubes are a modish way to flavour your water. Feel free to make flavoured ice cubes by freezing coffee, water and pomegranate arils, pureed pineapple or raspberries. They really turn the water refreshing —and they also look cool and pretty!


Water Infuser

Another easy way to ‘upgrade’ the taste of water is using a Water Infuser to spike the water with some fruit. We recommend you use fruit slices and colourful berries with a water infuser.


Now that your water’s all pimped up, it won’t taste so boring anymore, so drink up!!

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