5 Tell Tale Signs Your Cycling Weight Loss Plan Is Actually Working

Cycling is a great way to lose weight. However, it depends on the frequency of your rides, how your body develops muscle mass; and of course, your diet. Sometimes, you may also notice that your cycling weight loss plan isn’t having an overall positive transformation of your body.

This may discourage you when you see that cycling weight loss plan isn’t working for you. But, the most important that you should be reminding yourself is that you’re cycling for better health. You may be oblivious to it, but many other signals prove that you’re losing weight and your fitness level are improving.


Leslie Bonci, co-author of the book “Bike Your Butt Off” says, “We have measures of success beyond the scale.” Bonci also owns Active Eating Advice, which is a nutrition consulting company.  “I feel like I have more energy, I feel more confident, I feel more engaged’—those are indeed indicators of making progress that have nothing to do with the number on the scale,” she says.


Below are six indications that show that your cycling weight loss plan is working and losing weight, despite what your weight scale says.


1. You Feel Better

Stop looking at your weight scale for a moment, and instead take a look at yourself. Do you feel more energetic? Are you feeling more confident? Are you more engaged in your day-to-day activities?

If yes, it’s a signal that you aren’t only healthier, but your body is in better shape and form. However, if you start feeling sluggish or weak, it may be you’ve lost a lot of weight too soon.

2. Your Kit Fits Differently

If you’re training regularly to shed weight, one of the first signs would be that your training kits will feel looser than usual. Joy McCullough with the Southern California-based Big Wheel Coaching also seems to agree with it. He says “This is always exciting and something that one can feel and see quickly.” “Since they are most likely also gaining muscle mass through their training, the scale may not show a shift, but how they feel in their Lycra can be the first sign of improved body composition,” McCullough says.



3. You Notice Physical Changes


You know your training is working when you start to see subtle changes in your body. You may notice that your arms are more defined or your cheekbones are more prominent. At first, these changes might be barely detectable, but if you take a photo of yourself every day on a regular basis, you’ll quickly notice the changes in the way your body looks.

Chances are your thighs will get a little bigger, but at the same time your waist may get smaller, and your abs may get flatter—you can’t put that on a scale.

4. You’re Faster Than Before

When you start losing weight on a healthy level, your power-to-weight ratio will be higher. Without you noticing, you begin to power more wattage through your pedals and you ride faster than before. 

The thing is if you find an improvement in your speed, you’re surely on the right track. Your cycling weight loss plan is working, and you’re losing weight.



5. The Breathing Rate and Heart Rate Gets Easy On You


Another positive sign that your cycling weight loss plan is working is that you don’t feel as laboured during hard sessions. Your heart rate is also lower. It probably wasn’t the case when you started out. These are physical signs that your fitness level and condition is improving.



It is important to note that weight loss should be slow and gradual. Do not be upset if your weight does not drop. Since muscle weighs heavier than fat, you might be gaining muscle and losing fat mass but still weighing the same. 

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