5 everyday bike hacks every rider should know

Want easy bike hacks? Find out the nifty tricks of the trade here!

Bike hack #1: Stubborn stains begone!

We know how it feels when you stained your white jersey while fixing your chains. Try using dishwashing liquid as a pre-treat before putting it into the washing machine.


Bike hack #2: Tired of punctured tyres?

Image credit: Instructables

If you puncture your tyre and don’t have your repair kit, don’t panic just yet. Tie a knot on the inner tube over the puncture site, and you’re ready to make your way home.

Do keep in mind to replace the tube as soon as possible! Check this video for a complete tutorial.


Bike hack #3: Double the savings

Anti-abrasion creams can be expensive and some may even wear off shortly into the ride.

Pack the cream in travel-sized tubs or contact lens casing for on-the-go reapplication. You get to save bag space and cream at the same time!


Bike hack #4: Cheaper substitution

Saddlebags can cost a bomb and some aren’t even water resistant. A cheaper alternative would be a drybag. It is cost effective and weatherproof!
Source: LAZADA

Bike hack #5: Wet shoe woe

Shoes still wet after a ride in the rain? Stuffing your shoes with crumpled newspaper helps to absorb the moisture, speeding up the drying process.


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