5 emotions you get when cycling in a group

Weekend warriors, you’re probably familiar with these whirlwind emotions you get when cycling in a group…

When #theRIDEcommunity gets together, there’s that camaraderie, the thrill, the adrenaline – but there’s also these small little emotions we get that have become waaay too familiar…


#1 Shiok!


There’s nothing quite like it – the cool breeze against your face; the empty road in the early hours of the morning; the orgasmic sound of wheels spinning in harmony as you pedal away with your mates – ahhhh, damn shiok lah. #therapy


#2 Uncomfortable


It’s the worse feeling ever when you’re only 5km in your RI ride and you really need to pee but all your other kakis are pushing on so you’ve got no choice but to tahan. #jialat



Or when you damn hungry and all you want to do is stop at the next Kopitiam you see so you end up convincing everyone to stop for a break but by the time you’re done eating, you’re all too full up to finish the ride. #whattodo


#3 Annoyed


To the sensitive drivers who are ever at the ready with hands on the horn chasing us even when there’s three other empty lanes – bro, you need to chill.

We are always keeping left, 2 riders abreast, we signal most times and keep out of your way – so enough with the unnecessary honking, thanks.


#4 Embarrassed


Remember that one time you thought you could do a 60km/h sprint but end up falling and causing a mini peloton crash. Yep, paiseh or what.


#5 Motivated


We’ve all been there, the times when we found it hard to keep up with the group; that urge to peel off when it gets too tough. But right when you feel like you want to give up, you’ve got your kakis who stayed behind to push you on, one pedal at a time. And that’s gotta be inspiring.


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