4 Ways Cyclists Can Benefit From Swimming.

Here are some of the ways that swimming can boost your cycling performance:

1. Builds upper body strength 


You arms and chest muscles can fatigue from holding the handlebars and supporting your weight for an extended period. 


2. Active form of recovery

The idea behind active recovery is generally to keep blood flowing through the muscles in order to flush out metabolic waste products. The lymph system is the body’s sewage system, moving waste products from the muscles to the lymph nodes. Lymphatic fluid doesn’t have a pump like the heart to circulate it; rather it depends on the action of the muscles to move the fluid from the muscles to the lymph nodes.

Swimming, being a low impact sport, can facilitate your active recovery the day after a hard ride. 


3. Boosts your breathing capacity 


Swimming is a hypoxic activity, meaning that you are reducing the supply of oxygen to your body by holding your breath. 
Cyclists will notice that they recover from a hard effort up the hill a lot quicker because their lungs have come more efficient at using oxygen. 


4. Cross Training 

Swimming is a great cross training activity which can offer huge benefits whatever your sport. Not only is swimming a great way to stay fit throughout a cycling injury, but it is also a good way to build your strength and cardiovascular fitness. Furthermore, it can help you build a strong core and lengthen your hip flexors, as well as increase your range of motion.

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