15 Things That Cyclists Hate

Cycling not only makes a great outdoor activity, it is also a great exercise. We all love to ride our bikes, and yes — we really love cycling, but sometimes things can horribly go south or should we say politely – gut-wrenchingly challenging. However we try to be positive, there are still certain things cyclists hate.

Without further ado, here are 15 things that we reckon most cyclists hate!

  1. Pushing down a gear, but you realize that you’re already riding in the lowest gear. This isn’t only bad, it is really bad. 
  2. Assuming that you’ve been climbing up atop a hill, to find that there’s still 400m to go and you aren’t anywhere close to it. Wait, you need to ride more? How much more? What!? Hate that! 
  3. Out of energy. You don’t have any energy left, you’re out of gas, you’ve hit the wall — this is the worst feeling ever and it feels like it’s the end of the world. 
  4. Those creaks and squeaks. Are those coming from the headsets? The saddle rails? The bottom bracket? Or is it your knees? Sometimes you conduct a thorough systematic inspection of the whole bike and eliminating every individual component as a possible source of the mysterious noise. But, it does not go away. The bloody creaks are still there. 
  5. Red traffic lights. These get especially bad if they’re at the bottom of the steep road or hill. That highly anticipated momentum vanishes – just like that. Damn it! 
  6. Cold fingers – especially when cycling abroad. This isn’t that bad, but wait until those numb-ish cold fingers spring back to life. The pain is simply pure evil! 
  7. You give your best shot; you keep trying hard as much as you can to ‘escape them‘. But, when you peek over your shoulder if they’re still there, and bollocks — they’re still trailing you.  
  8. Your light goes out. This one is on you. You know you need to recharge them now and then, don’t you? 
  9. It starts raining the moment you’re all geared up to go. The whole day was amazing, warm and plenty of sunshine. But, while you’re enjoying it, it starts to rain out of the blue. 
  10. You need to use the toilet badly as soon as you put your bib shorts on and stepped out the house. 
  11. Using a wet kit while commuting home. It rained this morning when riding to work and the saddle is still wet and soggy. Grrr!  
  12. Uncredited nods or waves. You smile, nod or wave at a fellow cyclist coming from the opposite direction and he/she doesn’t return it. How rude! 
  13. The tires sidewalls are splitting. The first thing you’ll feel is a weird knocking coming from either the chainstays or the fork. If luck isn’t on your side, you’ll hear a sound like a gunshot within a few seconds. That sound is the sound of the inner tube exploding. Now you’re in trouble. 
  14. Being dropped. It doesn’t matter, if you’re a beginner or a world champion, the hurt is the same. 
  15.  Running out of water/drink. This is something most cyclists hate but frequently face. Usually, this happens when you’re riding in isolated areas.  

What are some of the things that annoy the heck out of you? Share them in the comments! 😉 

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