How To Train On TT Aero Bars

Having TT (Time Trial) aero bars on your road bike will help you to save a few precious seconds by reducing your footprint in the wind. However, bear in mind that being in such an aggressive position puts additional load on your body, especially on your glutes and hamstring muscles.
Most cyclists on time trial bikes tend to feel the strain on their shoulders and neck as well. And if you are a heavier person, you will experience greater fatigue. 


1. Body position

Getting yourself fitted properly to a bike is the first thing you need to ensure your comfort on the saddle. 

While you are on the TT bars, relax and keep your chest open. Constricting your chest means inhaling less air which will affect your performance. 



2. Hit the Gym


Do not neglect the supporting muscles, as the pain you feel can adversely affect your performance. One example would be working on the neck and shoulder muscles by doing lat pulldowns.
Stage base to pedal properly- performance. Focus on your core.  By building up a strong core, you will soon find that you are able to put more power through the pedals. Furthermore, having a solid core foundation helps to mitigate fatigue in your body, especially at the spinal and hip areas.
When riding, keep on top of fatigue. periodically stand on your pedals periodically to stretch out your back and relief the pressure on your glutes


3. Pick a safe area to ride TT 

Choose roads which are relatively low in traffic, and wide enough for vehicles to pass you. For example, Lim Chu Kang Road, Seletar Aerospace and Tanah Merah Coastal Road are good areas for training on your TT bike. 
Strictly NO HEADPHONES when you are out on the road, especially when riding in a group. Your brain reacts to noise quicker as a sense of danger. Click here for my tips on how to ride safely on a TT bike. 
The best and safest time to train on the aero bars are on the turbo trainer. You are away from the dangers of the roads, and you can also plug in your headphones to motivate yourself to pedal harder. 


To sum up, be progressive with how much time you spend in the aero position, and choose a safe environment to do so. Focus on building up your core strength too. 
If you practice these tips, you will be on your way to becoming a strong TT rider. 
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