Why pro-cyclists go to chiropractors for ‘everything’

Many pro-athletes look at getting a chiropractor’s help in coping with the rigorous physical demands of their various sports, cyclists included.

Pro-cyclists like those of from Tour de France, for example, use chiropractic for anything from ride performance to overall well-being and viѕit a chiropractor after experiencing ailments, soreness, or injuries.

However, seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis can be beneficial for preventative maintenance and optimal motor functioning, especially for athletes. 

In essence, professional chiropractic adjustments can help the body function more efficiently.

As a result, pro-athlete can maximise his or her athletic performance, as well as heal and recover faster after workouts.

Beyond the physical advantages of chiropractic adjustments, there are also cognitive and sensory-motor benefits that people typically do not realise.

Below are some of the main reasons why visiting a chiropractor can help an athlete perform at optimal performance. 


Chiropractors release pressure from the nervous system

The primary benefit in visiting your chiropractor centers on the nervous system. The brain serves as the master control station of our bodies. 

Every movement that we make is regulated by nerve impulses that are sent from the brain and down the spine throughout the body.

The main target for most chiropractors is the vertebrae. The vertebrae protect the spinal cord and nerves. However, it’s not uncommon that they become fixed (or “subluxated”).

Subluxated vertebrae can put debilitating pressure on spinal nerves. As a result of this pressure, essential nerve impulses that are sent from the brain to the body can be restricted, resulting in the body’s inability to function properly. 

Chiropractic adjustments help to improve movement in the vertebrae and alleviate pressure on the nervous system of pro-athletes as they exit the spine. 

In other words, the release of pressure on nerves enables the brain to better communicate with the body and thus function more efficiently. 


Promote optimal structural alignment & flexibility 

When the body is in better alignment, the shoulders, core, hips, and legs can all function more cohesively. This is essential for cycling – sports that involve repetitive movements, functional sustainability, and endurance. 

For this reason, regular chiropractic visits can offer a great solution to keep the body supple and well-aligned. Again, the vertebrae are critical proponents to overall structural alignment. 

Any misalignment in the spine and vertebrae can result in displaced hips, shoulder impingements, and improper muscle functioning in various areas throughout the body. 

These structural issues can eventually lead to injuries – many of which can occur at the limbs but actually stem from points of the body core and vertebrae. 

You should always consult your doctor, granted, currently working with orthopedic surgeons, GP’s and other specialists, and I have no problem conducting workshops for them to better understand Chiropractic from an orthopedic perspective. 

Granted, some prefer going directly to my office and some prefer the referral from their specialist; either is fine with me, as communication is essential, especially for some in seeking an alternative medicine treatment such as chiropractic. But visiting a chiropractor can be an enlightening experience for long-term health and bodily functions. 

If you’re an athlete seeking to reach your optimal performance (and avoid injuries), chiropractic services can help keep your body supple, as well as help you discover sensitive areas in your body you need to be conscious of in the future. 


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