5 Everyday Problems You Didn’t Know Could Affect Cycling Performance

Being fatigued significantly increases the risk of a crash. It makes us less aware of what is happening on the road and impairs our ability to respond quickly and safely if a dangerous situation arises.

Here are the five problems you didn’t know could affect cycling performance:


#1 Stress


Stress and health problems are correlated to each other. A burst of stress can prevent the thinking ability of a cycling performance. You can find yourself unable to concentrate if you are in a stress mode. 

If you observe through medical explanation, our frequent response of stress increases molecules which are detrimental for our heart. 

As the stress delays the clearance of these fats, their accumulation entails atherosclerosis -a disease in which plaque builds up inside your arteries, and other heart disorders to many people. 


#2 Illness

Those who are chronically sick could affect not only their cycling performance but those around them as well. When one rider is out of the physical performance, someone else must carry the workload. 

A sick rider’s performance who experiences frequent pain and/or other effects from illness are less likely to ride to their best ability.

The best way to counteract diminishing productivity is to naturally maintain your health. Health and fitness perks such as gym memberships and holistic clubs are constructive ways to promote health for a cyclist. This can also increase strength and mental aptitude. 


#3 Migraines and headaches

Migraines and headaches are very common causes by stress. A prolonged occurrence of stress can cause a severe backache, neck pain and can also develop dizziness to the ride performances. 

Consequently, you may also notice some problems with your eyesight. Migraines can also result in stress in the eye that inflicts some redness to them.

Chronic stress results in immune reduction which hampers the equilibrium in oxidants and antioxidants. It is also found that an increment in oxidants causes the rapid aging problems.

Oxidants boost up electro-negative constituents in body molecules which destroy the other optimal cells.


#4 Marriage and relationships

couple arguing


Personal issues such as marital problems divide rider performance attention. It’s hard to focus on a ride when issues at home need a resolution. Even unmarried riders may face relationship problems that affect work.

Relationships that put ride performance at risk should be of concern to cyclist unless of course, they find it an effective way to clear their mind. 


#5 Time of day

Riders body and brain have a biological clock (circadian rhythm) that influences how alert or drowsy we are at certain times of the day. This could affect cycling performances since there is no rest for the rider’s brain and body. 


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