The Secret Of Beet In Enhancing Cycling Performance

Here is the low down on what many athletes (recreational to elite) refer to as their “secret weapon” for race day.

Beetroot contains high doses of naturally occurring nitrates which, once consumed, are converted to Nitric Oxide. There is solid science to show Nitric Oxide improves blood flow and reduces the amount of oxygen working muscles require.

The scientific research has shown that this combination could improve power output and endurance, which can be of benefit during exercise by helping you increase intensity or duration (who wouldn’t put their hand up for that!).


Steer clear of using mouthwash, gum or toothpaste at the time of consumption as it may interfere with the process. Cooking beetroot may also reduce the amount of Nitrates available. It is also worth noting that the bright red colour of the beets may also show up in your urine or bowel movements in the days following consumption! 



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