Coaching Goes To The Cloud With Eazycoaching

Being a Professional Sports Coach can be a demanding role, continually juggling the balance of athletes’ expectations, both as a team and as unique individuals, owning and growing a coaching business, and at the end of the day, having a life outside of being a Coach. This is where the Singapore startup Eazycoaching.com has seen the market need and built a platform – For Coaches, by Coaches.



The Eazycoaching team has been dreaming of applications for several years and have come to the stated goal; “to maximise a Coaches’ value in the market”. The Eazycoaching platform is a free-to-use tool for Endurance Coaches around the world, and our vision is to use big data to help create new business and revenue models for Coaches, so coaching can be more than a vocational job and become a leading occupation, similar to Doctors and Physiotherapists. 

The platform is specific to Endurance Coaches in the following sports: Swimming, Cycling, Running, Triathlon, Kayaking/ Canoeing, Rowing, Multisport, Cross Country Skiing and more.


So what exactly does the Eazycoaching platform do?

As a starting point, we feel it’s time for coaches to transition to the cloud. Imagine accountants trying to run books on excel rather than software and cloud-based solutions. The entire market in every field has moved, and the sports coaching market will soon follow.

The Eazycoaching system has smart features that bring power to the Coach. So let’s outline these in detail:


1. Program creation tool

This is one system to manage all of the athletes’ weekly training programs stored on the cloud. This means you can have access from any computer, anywhere in the world!


2. Automatic capturing code

These sets are sorted based upon a usage algorithm for sessions that have previously been written and used, and pops up whenever a Coach plans a session. For example. If a Running Coach defines all track sessions with the code ‘track’, the system will auto-populate a list of track sessions based upon how frequently a Coach has used them. This auto-archiving over time means a Coach has a vast resource at their fingertips.


3. Weekly auto-copy feature.

This can be turned on or off depending on the Coach and his team. However, the system will automatically duplicate last week’s training athlete by athlete and move it to the current week, meaning that a Coach is not starting from scratch each week. This makes sense from a methodology standpoint because Coaches usually will not change the overarching structure unless there is a change in the training phase. Combined with the auto-archive session feature, we can save up to 90% of the time it takes to write a weekly program athlete to athlete.



4. Coach-many module.

One of the Coaches’ limitations has always been how to scale coaching services efficiently. The ‘coach-many’ feature means that individuals will receive training programs that have been prepared by the Coach and sent to the group. This is a game changer for the market as it means from small teams of 10 athletes through to mass events with tens of thousands or millions of participants can now receive programs that are individually sent to each person. This will change the coaching landscape and enable new business models to the market.


5. Team management

Managing a team takes time. From monitoring payment due dates through to tracking keynotes such as travel schedules and family commitments, these peripheral tasks can wear down a coach and eventually cause burnout. Coaches get into the coaching as a job or hobby, to be outside and have face-to-face time with athletes. Accounting and admin are usually the lowest priority but essential to running a great business.



6. Network effect

Coaching can be an isolating process. Coaches need a community to grow, and the Eazycoaching system inherently creates this ecosystem but also pools resources to help all other Coaches move faster. An excellent example of this is the internal race calendar system. Coaches from around the world can populate races for their specific teams however this resource will be shared across the entire platform.



The Endurance Coaching market is entirely undeserved. There are hundreds of millions of participants every month running, swimming, cycling, rowing, canoeing/ kayaking, hiking and participating in endurance sport. Currently, Coaches are only capturing a tiny fraction of the overall market of participants. With the Eazycoaching system, we enable coaches the tools to create programs at all levels, from free all the way up to thousands of dollars a month.


It’s about the community. There are so many verticals in the coaching industry from brands/ sponsors, world and national sporting organisations. The key that links them all to the end participant is the coach. Eazycoaching has had this in mind from the start, and over time the system will adjust to meet the needs of all of the channel partners, with the coach always remaining the focal point.


If you would like to view the Eazycoaching site, please visit www.eazycoaching.com

If your a Coach and would like to get started, please email me, Scott Larsen, at scottlarsen@gmail.com

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