Beginner’s guide: Cycling the festive calories away

The festive season is upon us again, giving us the perfect opportunity to organise get-togethers with our friends, family and loved ones. As with most gatherings, these occasions are usually filled with food and drinks, and with the wide array of festive treats available, it’ll be hard to stop ourselves from feasting.

With every bite we take of that delicious roast turkey or chocolate log cake, however, our calorie intake increases, and if we aren’t careful, we could find ourselves beginning the New Year a few kilograms heavier than we would like.

But don’t put down your fork in resignation just yet. There is a simple and fun way to work off those extra calories: cycling!

Move Happy has done the math for you – here’s how much you’ll need to cycle on average in order to burn off the calories from five of the most common festive foods and drinks.

Take note – these calculations are based on the average speed of 19-22km/h that beginner cyclists usually achieve.


Roast Turkey

A staple of year-end festivities, you are bound to come across a roast turkey at one of your gatherings.

Roasted to a crisp, filled with sumptuous stuffing and drenched in gravy, anyone would find it hard to resist a slice (or two) of turkey.



Christmas Ham

There are so many ways to cook this versatile dish – whether you glaze it with honey and butter, pair it up with fruits, or simply slow cook it with herbs and seasoning, the Christmas ham is always a hit at gatherings.

Unfortunately for our waistlines, the tastier hams are usually the fattier ones. After all, it is the fat in ham that gives each slice a richer flavour and added succulence.



Assorted Pastries

The beauty of pastries is that there are so many different types out there – from buttered croissants to cinnamon rolls, to Danish pastries, to even our local curry puffs, each pastry offers a different and unique gastronomical experience, so how can we just be satisfied with one?

Most of these pastries also come in bite-sized portions, making it easier for us to gulp down one after the other without feeling guilty. Well, that is until the next time we weigh ourselves.



Log cake

No matter how full we are, there’s always room for dessert. This is not just a popular idiom – it’s actually backed by science.

There is no dessert however, that quite symbolises this festive period as a log cake. Made of a sponge cake base that has been shaped to resemble a ‘Yule Log’, most log cakes are generously covered with chocolate buttercream, powdered sugar, icing, and berries, making it a dessert that is near-impossible to refuse.




The festive season is not all just about food. Drinks, especially those alcoholic in nature, also play an important role at parties – the good ones, at least.

Not only does it perfectly complement our full-flavoured meals, drinks can often help to liven up proceedings at parties as well.

But while it may not be obvious, drinks also contain a fair amount of calories. Sure, we can always stick to water, but where’s the fun in that?



This article is contributed by Move Happy, an intiative by LTA. 


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