Basic Tools You Must Carry On Every Ride

If you are a female cyclist and would like to equip yourself with basic bike maintenance skills, Treknology3 will be holding a second Women’s-Only DIY Workshop where you get to learn how to fix a flat tire in case of a puncture and perform pre-ride safety checks with confidence! More details available at the end of this article. 


Every rider should be self-sufficient when out on the roads, it may not necessarily just to be for your use but of other riders too. You will never know when you can be a helpful hand in getting them back on the roads!


The basic tools to carry are as follows:

1) A Multi-tool


When picking a multi-tool, it is important to choose one that has the following features:
a) Allen wrenches of various sizes (most common are 4mm to 6mm)
b) Chain remover tool
c) Added features like a spoke key, tyre levers are a bonus!


2) Tire Levers

A pair of tyre levers goes a long way!


3) A spare inner tube

Ensure that you pick one up that is correct according to your tire size. To do so, check your tyre sidewalls for the exact dimensions.


4) A portable hand pump


This is worthy of an investment, and the prices range from a mere $15 up to $80.
I recommend spending more on this rather than less, and pick one up that is has features like HV (High Volume) or HP (High Pressure). These features enable the user to pump the tires up faster with lesser effort, especially if you have a variety of bikes in your garage – this would be a welcome treat!


3 October 2018: Women’s Only DIY Workshop 

Source: Treknology3


There has been a very healthy growth of ladies picking up cycling in recent years. Through our womens only marketing activities like group rides and clinics, we have seen more ladies getting out on the roads. As more rides are organized, there has been an every increasing pool of women riders – I saw a need for a workshop to be organized as there is a lack of womens only workshop in the community.



The aim of the workshop is to empower women cyclists in order for them to be able to work on their bikes – this ensures that should a mechanical happen whilst out on the roads, the ladies could rectify the issue and get back on to the ride or get home safely. 

In the previous workshop, the ladies felt great! I think it was a very interactive session that enabled them to learn more than a thing or two related to bike maintenance and repair.


“Loved the Workshop, Thank you!” – Tami Toohey


Mark your calendars, 3 October at 7 pm. RSVP your attendance by clicking on this link here.
Please bring your bicycle. See you there!


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