Planning A Cycling Trip To South Korea? Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through Your Journey

If you are planning to cycle in South Korea during the holidays, bear in mind these 5 tips to ensure that your trip is a safe and enjoyable one.


#1. Be aware of the local etiquette and rules

  • Korea practises right-hand drive, so does its bike path.
  • Always follow the traffic light signals.
  • Dismount and push your bicycle when on non-bicycle paths.
  • Watch out for pedestrians and give way to them even it is a cycling path.
  • By law, it is compulsory to have your helmets on at all times when you are on the bicycle.


#2. Study your route and know where the rest points are

The advantage of cycling in Korea is that the cycling paths are extensive and  well-maintained. They are also well mapped out, but knowing the distance to cycle to match the rest points for each day is critical. Finding the right accommodation between towns may be difficult. Especially during peak seasons (Spring and Autumn), availability may be an issue.


Source: travel-wander.com


Source: travel-wander.com


#3. Dress for the weather

Weather during Spring season can be unpredictable. Temperatures can drop drastically to near zero degree celsius, or rise above 15 degrees celsius within a short period of a couple of days. Check weather forecasts each day before setting out.


At times, the weather can be cold, windy and miserable. Make sure that you are dressed appropriately for the weather. Source: travel-wander.com


#4. Prepare for unforeseen circumstances

Within Seoul city, bicycle repair shops are easily accessible, but once you are outside of Seoul, one may be far in between. Bring along a simple puncture repair kit is essential before you get to the next nearest repair shop.



#5. Leave the planning to someone else

It’s exciting to plan and map out your desired cycling adventure. However, unfamiliarity with a foreign land and the language barrier can add stresses to the cycling vacation. Leave the planning and logistics to a cycling travel specialist so that you can enjoy your ride stress-free and admire the surrounding without having to worry about getting lost.


Cooking lesson during cycling pit stops Source: travel-wander.com


Being in a tour group allows you to make new friends and share the same hobby together. Source: travel-wander.com


Shopping street in Seoul Source: travel-wander.com


Enjoying delicious local cuisine Source: travel-wander.com


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