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Crank Smart provide sports science support and performance-based coaching, that is usually reserved for professional athletes, to the everyday cyclist and triathlete.
Train hard, train SMART
The field of Sports Science is constantly trying to uncover better and more effective ways to improve performance. This incorporates three fundamental aspects:

This, in essence, is how fit you are for your event or goal. The correct application of specific training, based on proven scientific data and principles, is a cornerstone of our work.

Your ability to maximise your equipment to your advantage. Applying techniques, tried and tested in racing, to your riding will make you a better and more confident cyclist.

Our brains control everything we do, from our emotions to our movements. Cycling requires grit, determination, and a never-say-die attitude. It is infectious and you will experience it for yourself.

Discounts from Crank Smart

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Personal Coaching – 10-hour package: $450 (U.P. $500)

Unrivalled attention. Skills or fitness, you name it, we do it. It’s hard to see what you’re doing right or wrong while you’re doing it.

Great for: Riders who wish to pick up bike skills, riders who wish to boost their performance.

  • Customised session plan & review
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Real-world application of technique
  • Road, Triathlon
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Performance Plan – Basic: $160 (U.P. $180)

Great for budget – conscious athletes who are new to training effectively.

  • 8-week plan
  • 1h consultation spilt between 2 sessions (start & end)
  • Fortnightly follow-up communication with coach
  • No follow-up changes of plan
  • Price charged per plan
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Performance Plan – Advanced: $270 (U.P $300)

Have a plan tailored to your unique body characteristics, time schedules, and specific goals with regular analysis of your efforts.

  • Full customisation with unlimited follow-up changes of plan
  • Free TrainingPeaks account
  • 1h initial consultation
  • Unlimited communication with the coach via email or phone
  • Regular analysis of training data
  • Price charged per month
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Motor-Pacing*: $70 (U.P. $80)

In cycling races, speed is a crucial element of performance. Replicating the high speeds and big gears used when racing is difficult, if not impossible, without motor-pacing. These specialised sessions are developed to give you that extra “kick” for the dash to the finish line.

  • Customised session plan & review
  • For individuals and small groups
  • Race simulation

*CrankSmart reserves the right to cancel the session if the rider is deemed not competent in such sessions.

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Get in touch

Phone: 9177 9722
Email: lemuel@cranksmart.com

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