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Around the world, millions are successfully following a low carb lifestyle, and are getting great outcomes. Whether your goal is losing weight, reversing type 2 diabetes, improving athletic performance or just feeling your best and being healthy, low carb is the way to go.

BenBanter products are natural, grain-free, lactose-free, low sugar and low GI. And of course, really low in carbs. To see the full range, visit benbanter.com

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15% Discount off products

BenBanter snacks and meal alternatives are fully compliant with Low Carb / Keto principles, easy to prepare and great tasting. Whether on-the-go or at home, BenBanter makes Low Carb Living easy.


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15% Discount off products

If you are what you eat, then you want your food to be simple and honest. BenBanter products are natural, with as little sugar and carbohydrates as possible. That’s what Low Carb living is all about. 


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