TheRideStyle’s CNY Carnival 2019 一骑走: More Than 400 Participants Cycled, Walked And Lo Hei Together.

Photos by BHeng Photography


17 February 2019 – More than 400 participants took part in The RideStyle’s Chinese New Year Carnival (一骑走) that was held at Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Café from 7 am to 3 pm on Sunday morning. The aim of the event was to encourage social integration and interaction through sports.



The event was organised by Jiangsu Association Singapore, supported by National Integration Council, co-organized by Soek Seng 1954, Yimage and Solomonic, partnered with SamsonZ Entertainment, SportsIn Cycling and Bheng’s Photography, together with the support of 28 sponsors including Bank of China, UnionPay, Kowloon Club, Specialized, Tay Junction, Aleoca (Just to name a few) and over 10 volunteers from the cycling community.


This is the third edition of Soek Seng 1954 Café’s CNY Lo Hei celebration feast, graciously hosted by café owner Mr Poon Kng Joo (nickname ‘Ah Joo’). 

The co-organisers and partners of this event, now known as The RideStyle Team, is a group of regular cycling enthusiasts who “share their love and passion of cycling to champion a series of cycling-related lifestyle events.” They are a non-political, non-business, and not-for-profit organisation.


Members of Jiangsu Association


This CNY Carnival is the first of a series of events planned by TheRideStyle Committee, under the principle support from Jiangsu Association. Registered in October 2016, The Jiangsu Association aims to “help immigrants integrate into the local community, promote trade, science and technology cooperation, as well as education and cultural exchanges.” 


Cyclists lined up to welcome GOH Mr Lee to TheRideStyle Event.


“Sports has no boundaries. Not only is it a great avenue to get healthy together, but it can also promote social integration and interaction between members of the Jiangsu Association and the locals in Singapore.” -Mr Lee Yi Shyan, Guest Of Honour, Chairman of Business China, and MP for East Coast GRC


Here are some of the highlights:

Launch of the newly formed Jiangsu Association Cycling Team.

The Jiangsu Association Singapore proudly introduced the Jiangsu Association Cycling Team to members of the media, sponsors and friends at the event on Sunday.


“Several members of Jiangsu Association have expressed their interest in forming a cycling interest group. Therefore, by forming a cycling team, we will be able to have a community to ride and take part in cycling events together.  There are 3 generations of members in the team, and we look forward to growing the team.” -Daniel Yin, head of Jiangsu Association Cycling Team, and Founder of yimage. 



The Flag presentation was to officiate the team. The flag was presented to the team by Mr. Lee Yi Shyan, Chairman of Business China and the Member of Parliament (MP) for East Coast Group Representation Constituency (GRC), Mr. Xiao Jianghua, Director of the China Cultural Center and Director of the China Tourism Office in Singapore, Mr. Qiu Yuanxing, Counsellor and Consulate General of the Chinese Embassy in Singapore and Mr. Zhou Zhao Cheng President of the Jiangsu Association Singapore.


Cycling and walking activities 


Cyclists and runners were flagged off by President of Jiangsu Association, Zhou Zhao Cheng at 8am after a warm-up exercise led by Jeynelle Lee, National Cyclist for Team Singapore.



There were two cycling routes – a 25km route around Seletar, and a 50km route which brought cyclists past Mandai and Admiralty. There was also a 3.8km walking option for non-cyclists.


Bike stunt live performances for those walkers and cyclists who came back early from their morning workout.


Lion Dance and Lo Hei


Lion Dance blessings were given to Ah Joo and Soek Seng 1954 Bike Café. A Lo Hei (‘prosperity toss’) commenced after to toast everyone to an eventful and fruitful 2019. 


The Lo Hei stands for “Prosperity Toss”, with everyone toasting to a happy, successful, and prosperous year ahead. Huat ah!


“The beautiful part of this get-together event is that it brings a smile on everyone’s faces. This is what we call the Chinese New Year Festival.” -Ah Joo, owner of Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe


Presentation of the exclusive “Special Antique Art Bike.”

From the left, Mr Xiao Jianghua – Director of the China Cultural Center and Director of the China Tourism Office in Singapore, Mr Qiu Yuanxing – Counsellor and Consul General of the Chinese Embassy in Singapore, Mr. Lee Yi Shyan – Chairman of Business China and the Member of Parliament (MP) for East Coast Group Representation Constituency (GRC), Mr. Poon Kng Joo – Owner of Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe , Mr. Zhou Zhao Cheng – President of Jiangsu Association Singapore and Mr. Mr. Shen Liguo – Representative of the Jiangsu Economic and Trade Representative Office in Singapore.


Ah Joo presented a beautifully made custom bike that he built to Jiangsu Association to thank them for their support and organizing this event. To view his range of antique and custom-built bikes, please visit Soek Seng 1954 Bike Art Gallery.


Attractive Lucky Draw Prizes 

Happy and lucky winner of the Liv bike, who had to do a dance to the Gangnam Style song in order to claim his prize.


Attractive lucky draw prizes were awarded to those who patiently waited under the hot sun. Prizes by sponsors included helmets, air purifiers, audio speakers, and a Wahoo Elemnt cycling computer. The top two lucky winners walked away with brand new Liv and Giant Bikes (sponsored by Tay Junction) worth S$1200 and S$1500 respectively. 


Looking Forward

The next event in line organised by TheRideStyle Committee would be a Round Island Bicentennial Heritage ride where cyclists will be visiting various nature and cultural places of interests in Singapore. 

Their finale cycling event would be “The RideStyle Jiangsu Touring“, a 12 days ride in Jiangsu province, China. More information will be provided when the details are finalised.



For more information and updates on The RideStyle’s events, please visit http://www.theridestyle.com.


Organisers and volunteers who made the event possible.
Esther Koh
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