Specialized SWAT Box: House Everything You Need On Your Ride Into Your Bike

No one likes the feeling of a sweaty back when you are shredding the trails on your mountain bike. What if you could do away without a bag, but still carry all the essentials with you on your ride?

Here’s where we think the SWAT box by Specialized is an ingenious innovation. We loved how the SWAT box takes the load off our shoulders and allows us to enjoy our ride even more.


First things first, what is SWAT? 

SWAT stands for Storage, Water, Air and Tools

Specialized range of Stumpjumper trail bikes come with an integrated SWAT door integration in the down tube. On first look, I thought… doesn’t the SWAT box reduce the strength and integrity of the frame? I was skeptical and intrigued, but keen to test it out. And it did not disappoint.


SWAT box on the Specialized Stumpjumper.
Here’s how much space there is in the frame.


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The SWAT box comes with a bottle cage and stretches from the middle of the down tube all the way to the crank. There’s so much space in there, you can even stuff your lunch and dinner if you are in for a long ride out of civilisation.

There are 2 pouches where you can secure your gear to avoid them from rattling in the frame. And it works like a charm.


The puncture repair kit that we could stash into the SWAT box.


Here’s what we could store in the SWAT box:


SWAT pouches (included).


The SWAT compartment is easily accessible.


The SWAT™ technology came about after years of grudgingly having to carry a (sweaty and stinky) bag around or stuffing pockets to bursting point with tubes and pumps. This technology provides a neat and easy way to house everything you need into the frame.


A SWAT multitool attached to the bottom of the bottlecage.


One thing to bear in mind: when washing the bike, water leaked into the frame, causing our gear to be damp. So just be careful not to spray directly at the SWAT box and check for seepage regularly.


What do you think of this innovation by Specialized? Let us know! 


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Click here to find out more about the range of Trail Mountain Bikes that Specialized offers. 

You can find Specialized mountain bikes and equipment at the following store in Singapore:

Tiong Hin Co.

Shop Address: Block 28 Sin Ming Lane, #04-133, Midview City, Singapore (573972)

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, 3.00 pm – 9.30 pm

Telephone: (+65) 6659 0903

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