OCBC Singapore National Individual Time Trial (ITT) Championships 2018: Highlights

In an ITT event, the ability to push yourself to the edge and hold it there requires mental and physical toughness. When your legs scream for you to stop and your lungs are about to burst, you push through the pain and keep pedalling.

It was an exciting event to witness, with the spectators ringing the cowbells and cheering on for their friends. Kudos to everyone who completed the race!


The Course

The course was a flat 5km road with a U-Turn along Tanah Merah Coastal Road. Each lap (there and back) was approximately 10.8km. The riders were dispatched at one-minute intervals and were counted down from 5 seconds before setting off.

Photo credits: Cycosports


The Race

Athletes from Paracycling Singapore kicked off the event at 6.30am. 

Cheery hand cyclists from Paracycling Singapore


Sarah and Emily posing with their tandem TT bike


Sarah and Emily have been training together for over a year. Tandem-cycling isn’t an easy sport; it requires great communication and coordination skills as both of them have to pedal in sync. Read more about Sarah here.


Race participants from the men’s elite category queuing up for their turn after doing a bike check
Spectators ringing their cowbells and cheering on the cyclists
President of Singapore Cycling Federation (SCF) Dr Siong Hing Chen cheering on his wife Lynette, who won the Super Master’s female category.


Choo Ling Er from TWC Racing Team dominated the women’s field in a time of 47:13,78, finishing the 32.8km course with an average speed of 40.7km/h. It was also the triathlete’s first time competing in a National Championship. Well done Ling Er! 


Game face on. Focussed and ready to win the race. Photo credits: Ling Er


In the Men’s Elite field, Goh Choon Huat, a Singaporean pro cyclist from Terranganu Racing Team, defended his title by blazing through the course in 41:56,10. To let you have an idea of how fast that is, he was riding at an average speed of 45.8km/h.


People who made the event possible


Thanks to all the race organisers and volunteers who had to sacrifice their precious sleep to ensure that the event ran smoothly. 

According to Mr Lawrence Loh, one of the commissionaires of the event, the organisers made sure that no rider was drafting or cutting the course. He was also assigned to report back to the base in case of any accidents.

As an avid road cyclist himself, he shared with us why he chose to volunteer for this event:

“I volunteer because I want to ensure that everybody has a chance to compete in a fair and safe race. This also allows me to be a part of the game and do something good for our local cycling community. It is actually more fulfilling than being a cyclist racing there!”



The winners

Medals were presented to the top 3 individuals in each race category. In addition, the top 3 Singaporean riders were given medals for each category, and the top Singaporean rider, a champion’s jersey. 

Here are the winners! Click here for the overall results of the race.


Tandem Female (2 laps)

1. Kang Ting Ling, Delia & Jeynelle Pi-Uen Lee 

2. Lee Seok Bee, Emily & Tan Hui Zhen, Sarah 

Jeynelle was not in the picture as she was racing in the Elite Women’s ITT. 5 loops for her yesterday!


Tandem Male (2 laps)

1. Tee Wee Leong & Ang Kee Meng

2. Ng Hang Siew, Jessen & Tan Wei Jie 


Bicyclist Male (1 lap)

1. Abdul Nizam Bin Abdul Wahab 

2. Tan Hun Boon 


Hand Cyclist Female (1 lap)

1. Mok Hui Ying, Amanda 


Hand Cyclist Male (1 lap)

1. Prashant Sudarshan Arkal 

2. Noor Iskandaria Bin Mohd Dena 

3. Muhammad Nur Amsyar Bin Abdemanaf 

4. Naren Lee Sankar 


Veterans Male (3 laps)

1. Matthew Sheridan (4T2)

2. Ian McDonald (Joyriders)


National category:

1. Jeffrey Keng (Team Cycleworx)


Super Masters Female (3 laps)

1. Lynette Ngo (Team Cycledelic)

2. Gina Lau (Integrated Riding Racing Team)

Just in case you’re wondering if that is Gina, that’s just her teammate standing in for her. 


Super Masters Male (3 laps)

1. Jason Yeo (Team Cycleworx)

2. Alan Grant (Specialized Roval Mavericks)

3. Hish Scarff (Allied World – Treknology Bikes)


National category: 

1. Jason Yeo (Team Cycleworx)

2. Ray Ng

3. Neo Ting Yong (Team Cycleworx)


Junior B Female (2 laps)

1. Elizabeth Liau (Team Cycleworx)


Junior B Male (2 laps)

1. Billie Mah (Integrated Riding Racing Team)

2. Malcolm Tan (Crank Dynasty SG)

3. Julius Tangit (TWC Racing)


Junior A Female (3 laps)

1. Patricia Orenza (PBB Cycling Team)


Junior A Male (3 laps)

1. Moh Jie Yu (TWC Racing)

2. Jack Grant (Specialized Roval Mavericks)

3. Lim Shu Hong (TWC Racing)


National category: 

1. Moh Jie Yu (TWC Racing)

2. Lim Shu Hong (TWC Racing)

3. Jared Wong (YBCO Racing)


Masters Female (3 laps)

1. Sarah Schneider (matadorRACING)

2. Stella Chen He 


Masters Male (3 laps)

1. David Cheam Dow Wei (matadorRACING)

2. Benedikt Schneider (matadorRACING)

3. Michael Naert (matadorRACING)


National category:

1. Poon Chung Kiat (BikeLabz Racing)

2. Genevan Elangovan (Entro)

3. Loo Cheng San (Chapter 2 Cycle). Not in picture


Under 23 (3 laps)

1. Nicholas Long (Integrated Riding Cycling Team)

2. Wee Jun Hong (Guerciotti Racing Team)

3. Ben Tay (30Forty Cycling Team)


Open Elite Female (3 laps)

1. Choo Ling Er (TWC Racing)

2. Chelsie Tan

3. Serene Lee 


Open Elite Male (3 laps)

1. Goh Choon Huat (Terengganu Cycling Team)

2. Dalton Nurarif Prayogo (KGB Jakarta)

3. Ben Arnott (Specialized Roval Mavericks)


National category:

1. Goh Choon Huat (Terengganu Cycling Team)

2. Gabriel Tan (Team Next Stage)

3. Lucas Lee (BikeLabz Racing)


The National Champions 

From left to right: Jie Yu, Lynette, Elizabeth, Billie, Jeffrey, and Jason


From left to right: Lynette, Ben, Choon Huat, Ling Er, Jason, Nicholas, Jie Yu, and Billie


Congratulations to all race participants and well done to everyone who took part!

Huge thank you to the race organisers, volunteers and supporters who made this event possible. 


“You are never really playing an opponent. You are playing yourself, your own highest standards, and when you reach your limits, that is real joy.”– Arthur Ashe

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