Cycling vs Running: Why cycling is better than running

With multiple transportation modes and a myriad of exercise activities available nowadays, some wonder why an adult would spend hours just riding a bicycle.

Is bike riding too “childish” an activity? Pedalling takes work, and it can feel painful and slow, why bother?

Isn’t cycling vs. running debate a waste of time?

Believe it or not, riding a bike will enhance your health and well-being if you give it a try! Not to mention, we aren’t simply talking about “pedaling a bike”, but proper cycling like some of the pros!


Running burns just as much calories. However, the downside to it is that runners can’t put in the same volume of exercise as cyclist without experiencing more inflammation and soreness. Photo courtesy: RunSociety


Here are the compelling reasons why you can enjoy cycling as opposed to running:

#1 Cycling is good for your heart.

This activity is rated second only to running among the popular forms of physical exercise; a very well-rounded means of staying fit and increasing cardiovascular health. Cycling regularly can significantly decrease a person’s risk for heart disease.Read on if you still feel running win the cycling vs. running debate…

Photo courtesy: Thomas Timlen

#2 Cycling promotes full body fitness.

This activity is a great workout for the entire body, especially the lower body. People who want to develop great leg, hip, and gluteal muscle tone while trimming their waists can benefit greatly from cycling – this is often why the exercise bikes in fitness clubs are so popular!


#3 It’s a low impact exercise.

There are numerous fitness regimens (especially running) and exercises which put strain on your bones and joints. Over time, this strain can damage your body and diminish your health, causing knee, ankle, and back issues – possibly even arthritis. Cycling affords a person great fitness opportunity while retaining bone and joint health.


#4 It’s therapeutic and relieves stress.

Cycling is proven to be a therapeutic activity and more and more people are taking up high and low-end bike riding for a serene, more peaceful form of exercise. Studies are beginning to show that cycling may help to decrease stress – particularly when riding in beautiful scenic areas.


#5 Improve work productivity with cycling.

It has been shown that persistent inactivity begets even more inactivity. Conversely, an active lifestyle promotes overall energy both at work and home.

Cycling is a delightful way to increase your amount of exercise and therefore boosts your productivity!


#6 Hit outdoors to save the cost of fitness club membership.

The average membership cost of an adult fitness club is at least 1.2k SGD per year (very conservative), but when you enter the club, you often see most people on the exercise bikes and treadmills!

All that money, equipment, and even personal trainers from your fitness club may not necessarily surpass the benefits of regular cycling coupled with recurrent basic calisthenics (such as push-ups and sit-ups).


#7 Cycling is an activity that includes others.

More than any other individual fitness activity, cycling is an enjoyable inclusive exercise.

It’s only natural to include your family and friends on your riding excursions. A couple or a family can enjoy the benefits of both exercise and quality when riding together.

Not to mention, complete cycling clubs and activity groups where people can meet other like-minded individuals!


#8 Appreciate the beauty and nuances of our surrounding environment with cycling. 

Photo Courtesy: Wan Fadhillah

In the hustle bustle of life, it’s easy to miss the small beauties around us. When cycling, you may notice that life seems to slow down a bit and that you can enjoy your surrounds more.

Whether riding through a beautiful scenic area or even around your neighbourhood, you may better appreciate your everyday surroundings. 

Finally putting the cycling vs. running debate to rest, we can safely conclude that cycling is way better than running, you may want to consider including cycling into your lifestyle for these many reasons.

Once you begin cycling, it may be time to find that perfect partner or club to ride along with you than to run along with you.

Remember just as a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, the journey to fitness could begin with a single bike ride around the block!


Cycling > Running. Share the article with your kakis if you agree! :p 


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