Cycling Can Improve Your Love Life: It’s Now Proven

Does cycling help improve your sex life? Is there is a link between cycling and lousy sex life? These are questions cyclists have been asking for quite a while.

We all are quite familiar with all the positives effects of cycling. It improves your cardiovascular health, reduces stress, enhances your strength, and overall improves your mental well being.

There have been plenty of discussions linking cycling to various sexual and other health problems such as erectile dysfunction (ED), urinary tract infections (UTIs), perineal numbness, and saddle sores.

However, new evidence shows that cycling regularly can actually improve your sex life. 


Cycling makes you sexy

Cycling makes you fit, healthy, and confident. The University of Arkansas researchers have conducted a study on more than 400 men, and women found that individuals who were physically fit were more satisfied with their own sexual desirability than their unfit peers.

Riding your bike twice a week can boost your body’s image. Men and women who exercised two to three days per week rated their sexual desirability much higher than people who don’t work out.

Among those who work out four to five days per week, 69 percent of males and 88 percent of females rated themselves as being above or much above average.


People know cyclists are sexy

Cycling can improve your physique and makes you way more appealing to the opposite sex.

The British Heart Foundation surveyed 600 men and women and discovered that participants who were regular cyclists were 13 percent more intelligent and attractive than other people.

What’s more interesting is that cyclists are found to be 10 percent more charitable and caring. Being generous is sexy. We are also so used to taking care of one another when cycling on the roads. Among the respondents, 23 percent said they preferred dating a cyclist over other athletes. Not surprising at all.


Less stress from cycling improves sex life

You probably know that there are people who turn to mind-altering chemicals such as marijuana and booze to “get high.” Some people drink and smoke pot because it relaxes them. Well, cycling is the legal way to help you to get into the mood.

Heard of endocannabinoids? Well, it is the chemical that makes pot smokers feel high. Cycling triggers the release of these stress relieving feel-good chemicals. 

Riding your bike regularly will also keep your stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol in check. Too much adrenaline and cortisol in your system will make you feel stressed.

It’s easier to get aroused sexually if you are less stressed, which means you will have more sex and enjoy sex more often. In other words, cycling will improve your sex life.


Cycling regularly can improve your sex life

Cycling promotes cardiovascular health and increases blood flow, both of which are good for your sex life.

According to Duke University researchers, men who workout only 30 minutes a day four times a week, have lesser chances of suffering from sexual dysfunction than their peers who don’t.

On the other hand, women who are physically active, are easily aroused particularly after exercising. That may explain why people who work out more also have more sex. 

So, if you are someone who hates lifting weights or cardio, and but really want to improve your sex life, try cycling instead. 


Cycling helps prolong your sex life

Harvard University conducted a study on 160 male and female swimmers and came out with an interesting observation. They discovered that swimmers who in their 60s had sex just as much as people who are 20 years younger.

So, we are assuming that cycling will work out as well to prolong your sex life. Cycling and swimming are one of the few both activities that are gentle on your joints. Cycling also increases your strength and endurance.

Still confused that cycling won’t do much to improve your sex life? Well, now you don’t need to be! 

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