5 Reasons Why You Should Always Wear A Cycling Helmet

With the number of cyclists hitting highs in the last few years, and the growing number of accidents involving cyclists, safety has become a major concern. There are varying schools of thought about wearing a helmet, but all agree that a helmet reduces the chances of head injuries when involved in an accident.

The major reasons why you should always wear a cycling helmet include protection for your head and brain, to make you more visible to other road users, and for protection from the weather. Let us look at them in detail.


1. Head and Brain Protection

Wearing a helmet on rides is required by law in some jurisdictions. In others, it is up to the cyclist to decide whether to wear a helmet or not. Having a helmet on gives your head and brain protection if you are unlucky to get involved in an accident. In studies, a helmet on your head has been shown to reduce face and neck injuries by up to 33 percent. For head injuries, the figure rises to 50 percent.


2. Helmets Make Cyclists More Visible

Drivers in cars can easily see you during the day. Bright coloured helmets worn by cyclists help drivers see you from a longer distance. At night, a cyclist is nearly invisible.

Cycling helmets help you get around this problem by having built-in reflectors. Most helmets for cyclists also come in a design that allows you to mount a headlamp at the front. If your helmet does not have any of these options, you can always run a few strips of reflective tape around the helmet.


3. Wear a Cycling Helmet for Protection from the Weather

Cyclists who use their bicycles as their main mode of transportation often find themselves riding in weather conditions that may not be ideal. A helmet helps your hair stay in place when conditions are windy. The helmet also keeps your hair and head warm and dry if it is raining. In summer, cyclists get added face cover from the sun’s UV rays when they don a helmet.


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4. Set a good example to other cyclists, especially the young ones. 

Other advantages of wearing a cycling helmet include showing off your style and setting good examples to young cyclists. 



Your role as a parent involves keeping children safe and helping them learn how to make the right choices. If your children see you wearing a cycling helmet every time you are on the bike, they are likely to follow and thereby improve their safety while out riding.


5. Follow Road Rules and Safety Regulations at all Times

*Note: With effect from 1 April 2019, cyclists who cycle on the roads in Singapore without a helmet will face a fine of S$75.

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It is important for cyclists to always remember that wearing a cycling helmet is not a guarantee against head injuries. Your cycling style and following road rules are the best line of defence against crashes.

Let’s promote safe riding and do remember to take care of one another when riding on the road. 



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