5 Cheap cycling gift ideas for cheapskates: Under $5

#5 Zip Lock Bag, $5

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Who's it for: The weight weenie, the weatherproof junkie
Ziplock bags are the most underrated item for cyclists. It's reusable, light, and weatherproof! What more can you ask for?!
Where to get: Your kitchen drawer,Fairprice, Giant, Cold Storage, SKP and neighbourhood shops
Price: $4-$5

We hope this list has been helpful! Time to have fun being the worst Secret Santa this holiday season.
Jokes aside, remember to have a safe ride, and enjoy the festivities! Happy holidays everyone!

Mizah Salik

Mizah Salik

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When she’s not writing, Mizah is constantly wired 24/7. She loves cats, cycling at night, and can’t survive without her weekly dose of chicken rice.
Mizah Salik


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